Monday, January 21, 2013

Modern Civilization is against life.Hence population is ever growing. GM kills.

Re:If we are to feed an ever-growing population and save India from starving, we must embrace GM crops
Malcolm Elliott Jan 16, 2013, 12.00AM IST
In October 2012, a Technical Expert Committee (TEC) appointed by the Supreme Court (SC) of India recommended a 10-year ban on field trials of genetically engineered (GM) food crops. Admirers of Indian agriculture's colossal achievements were shocked and saddened by the news.
The committee ignored copious data on the safety and efficacy of GM crops in coming to this blinkered recommendation which is not in the best interests of the people. It prevents the provision of a safety net for the ever-increasing population. However, there is some hope since, on November 9, the SC declined to accept the recommendations of the TEC, pending receipt of a more comprehensive report.

The ever growing population? Its due to modern civilization which is grossly destroying itself because of its cumulative effects on Mother Earth(Rape).
Time for a normal civilization in tune with nature: Dismantle the specialist’s hold over our lives like Genetic modification(GM) and adopt conservation, just food distribution and local seeds.50% of food worldwide is wasted. What kind of governance is this? Why should the authorities ever consider tumor creating infertility causing GM? It is food distribution that is not just, it is not food production that is to be blamed. Why is food allowed to rot in India of all places, the home of more than a billion of human beings only? Is this governance? It is rigorous food grain storage in a healthy manner and a proper public distribution system that the food minister should concentrate on. Should not this GM and heavy pesticide use be on par with rape(of mother earth)? Along with production & consumption , RETURN must be practiced. Why are cities possessing sewage rivers proliferating? Is this governance? Why is area under agriculture being pruned? Why is area under forests being pruned? Set the food net security and the climate right first. It is the height of criminal traitor’s deeds to go ahead with GM trials when other crops become corrupted with foreign material in the process. Is this not undoing the very act of labelling GM poisons, read corrupted foods? When I go to a foreign country replete with GM crops, I get allergy on the skin and have to take drugs to overcome nay mitigate the phenomenon. Why does it vanish when I land back in India? Bt cotton may be causing my skin allergy when I wear cotton clothes.When there are gross uncertainties regarding a technique, good reasoning says that specialist science is only semi prudent, and specialist,vested interest science kills as shown in in many a precedent. Thus it is absolutely necessary that the
precautionary principle be followed and they stop making labrats of us and of one and only Mother Earth. One must learn from the fact that India has failed with Borlaugian methods of chemicalised agricultural monocultural monstrosity. Don’t you see the epidemic of cancers in the greenhorn revolving state of Punjab, where uranium magnification of gamma radiation via fertilizers has played havoc with
health which is made worse,tainted with radionuclide contaminated groundwaters? GMOs are the way forward for wiping out the flora, fauna and drinking waters of Bharat-Mata. Why? The specialists adopted a false fact that one gene is responsible for one protein(the central dogma of molecular biology),introduced the desired gene into another species which lacked the desired trait and permitted wholesale growing of such a plant new to nature by adopting the false principle of substantial equivalence of the GMO with its natural counterpart. Just the other year in 2009, this central dogma of molecular biology was overthrown by the finding that a variety of genes in the mother plant was responsible for a set of traits,among those genes were what the specialists had called junk! Thus the witch presides.Stop it now.
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